The Journey Continues

My humorous yet lovely view from the top of the Zwinger. Dresden, Germany


How to find the best deal on travel

Hi everyone! A few years back when my family took a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina we used the internet  (Kayak, I believe it was), to book a room for a couple nights. This was the first time I used online travel site to book a room.  After the first night, we wanted to head … Continue reading How to find the best deal on travel

Let’s make Dashi!

LOVE everything Japanese.  We even have one of those little folding lacquer-looking dining tables that fold and slides under our couch (inexpensive at Asian markets!). Something about sitting on the floor to eat seems so grounding and peaceful. 🙂 My son, Taliesin, has been eating with chopsticks since he was two, and I've made sushi … Continue reading Let’s make Dashi!