Are we There yet?


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I’m a mother in my early 50’s. So, yeah, I’m still quite young, but of course!


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That ^^^ photo is me exiting an old German prison built in the 1300’s!  They finally let me out. 🙂

I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, of Italian and German decent.  I’ve lived in many towns in America and Germany, and have had countless experiences I deeply treasure. In the military I learned about myself, and other cultures. I’ve traveled to France, Spain,  Yugoslavia and more. I’ve been to Germany twice more to visit my girlfriends. This past summer, I took my son! I love to broaded my horizons, as I am absolutely in LOVE with other countries and cultures.  I enjoy trying new, ethnic foods and recipes, especially from India and Japan.  As I write this we are currently living in North Carolina, and we love it here.  My adventure, is far from over! Neither is yours!  🙂

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton