Happy Spring!

ostara 2018 retouched eggs Hi! Growing up in northern Ohio, I would normally be celebrating the first of spring in a snow storm..something I was used to so no big deal. 🙂  However, in southern NC the birds are vocal, the sun is out, and it is warm (today).

A perfect day to start my blog! Spring Equinox. A day to remember our balance, a day of renewal, a day of new beginnings. Spring cleaning and the like. We make colored eggs on this day. There is a recipe floating around Facebook for hard boiled eggs rolled in Cool Whip and food coloring. As you see above, it worked! This was our first time doing this. My son had fun with it, though he is 15 years old. I bet he has more fun eating them.

This procedure for colored eggs is great for your little ones. I think this is less messy than the water vinegar mixture we are used to:

Know right now, as you’ll see in the future, that this gal of Italian decent rarely measures out ingredients. I think it’s in my DNA or something LOL, but I will do my very best to give you step by step. Photos are below.

We only hardboiled 8 eggs, so we needed very little white vinegar, food coloring, and Cool Whip (you can use shaving cream if you don’t plan on eating them. Egg shells are porous).   *Place some white vinegar in a bowl and add eggs for 10 minutes. You really don’t need to cover them completely if you turn them once.  **While they are ‘soaking’, spread about a quarter inch Cool Whip topping in a cake pan. You will see you don’t really need all that much, so more to eat later 🙂  ***Drizzle food coloring around the Cool Whip and use a chop stick device to do a quick swirl. Not too much, or is gets muddied. **** OK! Take an egg out of the vinegar, no need to dry it, keep it all wet, and do a gentle roll in the pan of many colors. Just one roll for best results.  Now, we placed them on a paper towel to dry for 20 minutes then rinsed them off under the sink. So pretty!!

I know we are early to color eggs, being far from Easter. I would love to see yours! Thanks for reading! Ciao for now. ❤