My passion is TRAVEL


Dresden, Germany 2017                          (Ja, this is Theresa!)

This is a little intro. on my passion of traveling. Theresa In The Sky represents myself either on a plane, or my head in the clouds!

When I joined the US Army in ’85 I made sure I would head out to Germany.  I had no problem with that since they practically sent everybody there back then. I had always felt I belonged there for some reason (past life??). I have been back 4 more times and fall in love again and again.

I  traveled all over Europe back then. I have also been to Alaska, Colorado, and too many islands to count.  No no, I’m far from rich, just maybe lucky, and more..I’ll explain as I post my adventures. 🙂

I will be posting on my travels, and give advise that I hope helps you out and encourages YOUR love to get out and SEE THE WORLD! 🙂