Pepper Mozzarella Picnic Sandwiches


Before it gets too hot down here in NC I love doing as much as possible outdoors, whether hangin’ on the deck or heading to the mountains with a picnic!

Picnic sandwiches are easy and fun.  Being out in nature I tend to gravitate towards vegetarian sandwiches for some reason, though not always.  Here are a couple variations on  unique roasted red pepper & tomato sandwiches people really fall for.

You need:

  • Jar of roasted red peppers (or roast your own, but jarred is awesome)
  • Thin slices of tomatoes, beefsteak, or any large and fragrant
  • Ball of mozzarella cheese, sliced thin (mine are too thick..but no one complained!)
  • Softened cream cheese
  • Fresh Basil (optional. I did not have any on hand as it is too cold for them yet outdoors)
  • Soft, long buns or baguette

OK!  Cut your baquette into 5″ long pieces and slice lengthwise. Spread on the soft cream cheese, then gently stack in some tomato and red pepper. Add a sprinkle of salt to really bring out the taste of the tomatoes. Add a couple leaves of basil if you have it.  You can make these ahead of time. Wrap tightly and store in fridge overnight.

SO easy!   Now, another option, which I prefer,  leave out the moz. and instead, whip your soft cream cheese with goat cheese. Use this as your spread with the rest of the ingredients.

Now go on a picnic! 🙂