New Moon Musings

Tonight is the start of yet another New Moon.  As humans, we are drawn to ritual and symbols; the moon certainly has done its share to inspire both since the dawn of humanity.

My Farmer’s Almanac tells me this new moon is under the sign of Aries. After a little research, I see that this new moon is perfect for new beginnings..most especially  symbolizing great courage, will, and deep inner strength.  Physical strength, too!

After a weekend of a having a bad cold in bed, this was the perfect time, astrologically,  to start a new, healthier way of eating, and begin my new routine at the YMCA!  I also cleared an area in our upstairs hallway for a peaceful, meditation area. ^^^

This is a time to plan for that trip you’ve been procrastinating about, or that exercise plan, as warmer weather gets us out of our ‘cave’.  Take up a new hobby or sport!

I’m sure this new moon was a great time to start my blog and Instagram! 🙂