How to make delicious Cranberry Lavender Punch


Last weekend I visited Carolina Lavender Farm, a cool place not that far from my house. (Check out their Facebook page!) I went there with a few friends from a local herbal group where we met up with the lovely Su. She gave us the grand tour, showing off her and her husband’s gorgeous fields of French and English lavender. Su also knows a ton about lavender and shared all kinds of interesting info. For instance, did you know there are over two hundred species of lavender? Pretty cool!


They have a tiny shop right there and of course I bought some fresh lavender buds. I also drank a glass of lavender cranberry punch. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was VERY refreshing – a great drink for a super hot day! 🙂 It tasted amazing and herbal fresh!


Notice The Distillery I picture below. They actually make their own lavender essential oil!! Amazing!




Su was sweet and shared the lavender cranberry punch recipe with me. Now I’m sharing it with you!


I am posting the page of the recipe, which I believe comes right out of her cookbook. Very easy-peasy.  Everything in a pot, simmer five minutes, then strain. I used a cheesecloth. A coffee filter may work as well. Let cool a bit then pour into a container. Hey, looks like a lavender butter is listed too! Bonus!


This recipe makes about one quart.  I don’t think you even need as much sugar as is listed. I plan to use 1/8 cup next time instead of the 1/4 listed.  Enjoy! I hope you make it!