How to make Sparkling Hibiscus Mint Tea!

A couple years back, my doctor informed me my blood pressure is a little high. This wouldn't be the first time I've been told this. "I was stressed today", "I got lost and that is probably why",   "My cat ran away". Oh I had plenty of excuses!  However, I have been watching my sodium intake.  … Continue reading How to make Sparkling Hibiscus Mint Tea!


Let’s make Dashi!

LOVE everything Japanese.  We even have one of those little folding lacquer-looking dining tables that fold and slides under our couch (inexpensive at Asian markets!). Something about sitting on the floor to eat seems so grounding and peaceful. 🙂 My son, Taliesin, has been eating with chopsticks since he was two, and I've made sushi … Continue reading Let’s make Dashi!

Turmeric & Garlic

I LOVE Indian food and raw garlic. I love raw garlic sprinkled on salad, pasta, toast, pizza. Both turmeric and garlic have amazing health benefits centuries old, if not thousands of years! Turmeric got its start in Southern India, and is still its largest producer.  Unlike over-the-counter drugs, turmeric has no toxic effects on the body. … Continue reading Turmeric & Garlic