Let’s make Dashi!

LOVE everything Japanese.Β  We even have one of those little folding lacquer-looking dining tables that fold and slides under our couch (inexpensive at Asian markets!). Something about sitting on the floor to eat seems so grounding and peaceful. πŸ™‚ My son, Taliesin, has been eating with chopsticks since he was two, and I've made sushi … Continue reading Let’s make Dashi!


Pepper Mozzarella Picnic Sandwiches

Before it gets too hot down here in NC I love doing as much as possible outdoors, whether hangin' on the deck or heading to the mountains with a picnic! Picnic sandwiches are easy and fun.Β  Being out in nature I tend to gravitate towards vegetarian sandwiches for some reason, though not always.Β  Here are … Continue reading Pepper Mozzarella Picnic Sandwiches